I am such a great volleyball fan. I am watching a live game on TV now of FEU vs. ADU; the UAAP Season 76 League. 

While I am watching with so much tension, I don’t have a preferred team (haha). I am nervous and anxious for either team. That makes me the lone loser; I getting tensed when either team scores. 🙂 Nobody cared for my cheers except for my neighbors who are now curiously peering on me by the window.

I know volleyball that is why I always had weird reactions for anything that goes wrong in the games I watch. I played it in my younger years. I was trained with all the drills and plays, and I was educated with all the technicalities and the rulings; so I think I know a good play when I see one. 

But somehow, it is really different when you are actually playing the game and just watching and cheering from the outside. I say, there is more tension in watching, really. Analyzing it now why, I realize that when I am actually playing the game, I can release all the tension and I am in control. I am hitting the ball and make plays together with my team mates. Whereas, when I am only a spectator, just like now, I cannot contain my nervousness. It makes me want to play!

I stopped playing when I got injured and my parents won’t let me play anymore. But it didn’t stop me from loving the game. 🙂



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