I love chips! But, when I started my healthy meal plan a month ago, I junked them all. It was not an easy journey, though. To go cold turkey on not eating all my favorite unhealthy foods anymore was a real struggle, because the thing is, the most delicious foods are the unhealthy ones. I bet a majority would agree with me on this; burger, chips, nuggets, cakes and pastries.

I lost 10.6 pounds by not eating junk. But I could have lost more had I not been cheating once in a while. 🙂 It is a challenge that I have to face on a daily basis; with everyone around me eating high-calorie foods, I just turn my cheek with eyes closed and imagine a model’s runway (haha). That was my plan, but not anymore. I only want to be healthy, not thin. 🙂



One thought on “DP: JUNK THE JUNK

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