These last few days of March were those days that left me wondering just when do people really start growing up?

I have encountered oldies who behave like kids and young ones who are mature enough to stand their grounds. Categorically speaking, we grow physiologically as we age, but the emotional, spiritual, mental growth cannot be gauged by age and for that I feel sad. I knew some who were just so fickle-minded and can’t make up their minds on even simple decisions; decisions that affect lives and although they know of it, they just won’t stand up for it. They are in the highest position to decide, but just don’t have the guts. And if my opinion mattered anyhow, I’d say they are not supposed to be in their position; such weak leaders, such low EQ leaders; the stunted maturity fueled by fear. That saddest part is – they are highly paid for it. Losers.

It is a very bad thing.

It can never be realized unless you tell someone in the face to – “Grow up, please!”. Can I just tell someone that thing? Unless we are super close, I can be very frank and careless, but if the concerned person is a direct superior at work, maybe I can tell him that straight in the face today and have the convenience to never report to work the day after. It would have been a feel-good scene for me, but NO, I can’t do it. My job is more important than my blood pressure striking up during my irritated moments with my supervisor.

This is where I start asking questions like,” How in the world did they got their position if they can’t even decide what’s best for the company, let alone decide for the betterment of the people they lead? What purpose do they serve as leaders?”

Oh gosh, I’m ranting and all and still don’t have the right answers to my questions. I can only be one-sided now, I just wish the concerned person can never ever read this one. Writing them down is so therapeutic for me. This is how I sing my blues. 🙂



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