Today marks the 77th year of celebration of my home, Davao City, as it became a city in March 16, 1936.

Local residents and tourists alike would come to the main streets of the city to witness the festivities; float parade of different ethnic tribes, participating schools, business companies, and other socio-economic groups that made up the flourishing mesh of then and now Davao. Earlier this week, our City Mayor announced that thousands of police and military forces in uniform and in plain clothes will be deployed to the streets to give maximum security to the public; that enforces one of our city’s nicknames:” The Safest place in the Philippines”. But, as much as I wanted to see the actual buzz and smiles of the metro downtown, I am only watching the live coverage on television because I am at work.

Nevertheless, I look forward to get home after work to taste all the tropical fruits my sister will bring home from the trade fairs; a collection of all the mouth-watering fruits in abundance and the least of their prices during this time of the year here in Davao City.

A week ago, I went to Bangkerohan Public Market; it is where all farmers and growers of fruits and vegetables in the Davao region and nearby provinces would bring all their harvests and sell at wholesale prices. So, it is one of the favorite destinations of local residents, and tourists even, to buy fruits at the most haggled prices. I took some pictures of some of my favorite fruits during my visit.

031020142357    031020142359 031020142360


Oh, how I love my City 🙂


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