IMG_1988 (2)

I took this picture last February 13, 2012. The story behind the picture was quite amusing.

But first let me tell everyone that I am so proud that only my hometown, Davao City, had a 911 Emergency Response team in the Philippines and the whole of Asia; similar to that of Canada and the United Sates.

It was a very rainy evening in Davao City and I was stuck at the entrance to the village where I live; I cannot pass through on foot because the water just came rushing in. The water level increased rapidly, flooding the areas under the low sea level including the area where I’m stuck. I had all the time to wait for the water to subside and witnessed all the vehicles gambling to cross the 20-meter wide flood for the higher ground. Then came the 911 Emergency Response Team ambulance wading through the almost chest-deep water; flaunting their forte and proudly wailing their siren to calm the anxious public when their vehicle choked up in the water and died. The Response Team Personnel immediately abandoned their ambulance and find their way to the higher ground. Instead of them helping the public, it was the people around the place who helped them pushed the ambulance to the safe place.

It is an isolated case, though, but gave me a good hearty laugh. 🙂


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