I am watching the Disney animated movie Frozen for the nth time now because of my daughter. It is inspired from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale story Snow Queen. The soundtrack is amazingly beautiful and unforgettable; my daughter even memorized bits of the lyrics and the melody of the song. The theme song Let it go keeps on playing in my head over and over and over again. I smile at the thought of Idina Menzel who never got tired singing in my head. (haha)

From my 3-year old daughter’s perspective, it was fantastic, colorful, and musical. Although she does not understood the language, she was drawn to the extraordinarily witty characters; the royal gestures, the beautiful voices. My daughter even imitates the way Elsa and Anna sang, Olaf even. 🙂

From my perspective, it is a very entertaining animated film with a different twist. I love the fact that it is not the usual Disney animated movie that ends in “love that lived happily ever after”. It is the first Disney adaptation fairy tale I’ve seen that defied the meaning of true love; no knight in the shining armor, no fancy kisses from a prince, no love at first sight. It is very good movie that children can learn from – that true unconditional love can be found first and foremost in the family. I highly recommend the youngsters and those young at heart to watch this movie. Really beautiful.


I so love to hear from you! :-)

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