It’s the love month. I can smell romance.

bougainvilla flower

Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated holiday around the world; though not an official holiday, Christians and maybe non-Christians around the world would always look forward to celebrate it with loved ones. The day was meant to revere the feast St. Valentine; with all its religious history. But through time, the observance had evolved from being spiritual to romantic.

Actually, I have never come across how to properly observe the day but one thing I’m sure, it all showed that people around the world are always jovial on all things related to love. Almost all days of the Gregorian Calendar are Feast days of Saints, but have we all noticed that only Valentine’s day is commercially accepted around the world; but second only to Christmas Day, of course. February is always known as the Love Month.

Here in the Philippines, we call it “Araw ng mga Puso” (Day of Hearts). As much as the purpose of the celebration is concerned, I can understand the appalling anticipation but not the material spending; the price of flowers gradually shoots up as early as a week before and the highest on the 14th, the valentine promotions posted across almost all inns were among other things. It has become a fad and, most of the time, so overwhelming that we forget the true meaning.

I remember one particular February 14, I was going home from work riding a public utility vehicle. Beside me was an old man, he was holding in his hand aΒ bougainvilla flower. It is a flower of a plant that can be found just about anywhere in our place; it’s as free as it can get. I never asked him, though, for whom he will give the flowers but I am certain it was for his wife. He was moving the flowers to protect it from being smashed by the other passengers coming in. My heart really melted.

We all have different ways of expressing our love; we can spend all we want or not spend at all. My husband, for one never give me roses or gifts; I was already used to it. I would sometimes tell him that he’s not sweet and he’d just answer me, “I gave everything for you to oversee the finances, so – buy everything you want“. Funny I don’t find it sarcastic at all; we’ll just laugh about it. πŸ™‚ I got the message; we don’t need V-day to remind us to express our love for one another because we love each other every single day. πŸ™‚

However we want to celebrate V-day, festive or simple, it is the true love for one another that counts most; not the monetary value of the tangible gifts that expire. Everyday is Valentine’s Day.


  1. toxyboy says:

    Find it strange that people are told to buy gifts and such on a particular day to show love for someone. Talk about being controlled by consumerism. Completely agree. Good post.

    • wildflower says:

      Thank you. πŸ™‚ I just got tired of absorbing all the promotion/suggestions that were feed in all media on how much can be spent on flowers, gifts and other romantic getaways on Valentine’s Day. Not practical and not real; the amount of love can never be equated with the money spent. πŸ™‚

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