I hear some workmates would say,” work should come first before family“; a priority of, more particularly, male workmates; the husbands and heads of the family. I think its true at one point. They have to make a living so that their family will be well-provided.

The start of the process was always for survival. With the rate of unemployment getting higher each year after every graduation month, no reason to complain at all. Whether the pay is good or not is a question not worth-entertaining, more so the question whether you love or hate the job. So long as the family survives is the first priority.

My parents supported me all throughout my College; my diploma was not a guarantee though, but it was a good starting point to land a good high paying job. But my first job 11 years ago was not very fulfilling. I resigned a year after. With only myself to fend for, no pressure at all if I lost my job anytime. My second job is where I spent the longest; 10 years now and counting and the boredom had started.

The job I am in now had a very promising career path in the beginning. Not really my dream job, but already very good enough for me. The first 4 years were just too good to be true, the next 4 were already only as good as it can get, the next years after that were only for survival. The trend of excitement and promise were declining. If not for the good pay, I’d have resigned. There were moments in between where I really loved my job because of some re-assignments, but when I get back to my real assignment, I get depressed. So many factors contribute as to the “why(s)” I started hating the job, but just can’t get vocal about it. It’s a mortal sin to complain. Work is the lifeblood of survival; no questions can ever be asked.

Then came my chance to jump to another station, I was very excited to apply for the position 2 years ago. It is with the same company but with a different environment and different tasks. God was too good to give me the job and this time, I can say, it’s my dream job. I am now waiting for my clearance to transfer to the new station.

All throughout my working years, I have a lot of realizations. I was told about work stages years ago when I started becoming a tax payer. These are as follows;

First stage – I am young and able-bodied but without enough resources; so I shall work with all my strength to earn and save money.

Middle stage – I am at mid-life, still with an able-body but this time, I should have savings and should have started to invest my earnings in business.

Last stage – This last stage can come at any point in life; not necessarily at a retirement age. It is the stage where I am already at a financial freedom – means that I can let go of my work and can still be self-sufficient until retirement; my investments already working for me.

These are simple and precise goals to live by and these can be our gauge to know if we are successful in our career and financial status. But more than wanting to be successful, I also like to point out “fulfillment”. We are surely very lucky if we are both successful and fulfilled because being successful doesn’t always mean that we are fulfilled. That’s what happened to me in my long working years; I was financially successful but found everything with less meaning.

It took me years to understand the joys of working. I have come to realize that if we aim for fulfillment first, success and everything else will follow. Fulfillment equals happiness; it is more than the value of money we get from working.


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