Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

This was the kind of Daily Prompt I would usually be very happy about because I can write anything I would wish for, but no. I’m having a blogger’s block, I think its because today is Valentine’s Day (?) 🙂 – Can’t even see the connection. haha. This is really weird; I can’t wish for anything more. Just world peace, maybe. 🙂

I’m writing yesterday’s daily prompt today, February 14. I am trying to remember now what I wanted yesterday. I am all off yesterday and its about some workmates. I just hate the feeling of getting caught in between friends who became each other’s foe. I can’t take sides because I don’t want to. It’s very difficult to maintain a neutral stance when other people already judges who you are with. Seeing you with somebody they don’t like makes you their foe. Just because I am with a certain friend does not mean that I already share her hate and grudges to the other person. The other, who I consider a friend, now sees me as a turn-cloak. But I don’t hate them, really ; I just hate the feeling. And it’s not fair.

Well, who says life is fair, anyway.

Having a foe is already a reflection of one’s self. It’s not for me to say what goes on another person’s mind but the perspective of having to brand a person a friend or a foe is already a mirror of a good or a bad attitude. If I were to segregate persons, it would only be the two descriptions – good or bad, no gray areas.

Circumstances that makes as good or bad happens everyday. We can be good however bad the situations are, if we chose to. It’s all about choosing what you want to be everyday.

Yesterday was a moment to choose but I just kept my decision to myself – they are not reading this blog. I was really off, but I still chose to be happy. They can love me or hate me, I don’t care. They are all still my friends. I will still be around them even if they don’t want to. I don’t need to suffer their suffering and I don’t need to explain anything.

Back to my three wishes –

First, world peace (really 🙂 )

Second, free trip to Sydney, Australia so I can be with my husband on Valentine’s Day. haha

Last, but definitely not the least, to be freshly pressed! haha.

Am I really making sense?? Please don’t judge, just give me this day to get crazy about everything else!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Love and Peace from the Philippines! 🙂

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