First of all, this is just me and no one else’s opinion. I might have a similar opinion with anyone but I’d like to expound on why I come up my own thoughts on the issue.

The Hong Kong Government recently cancelled the visa-free privilege of Philippine Government Officials and Diplomats. This was I think following the Philippine President’s statement to New York Times days ago that the Philippine Government still will not apologize to Hong Kong on the tragic hostage-taking incident in Manila in 2010 that took the lives of 8 Hong Kong nationals; citing that the same incident happened in China where a Philippine tourist also died in Beijing, China last year in which Chinese Police declared as a “terrorist attack”. It was known that no compensation was ever offered to appease the grieving Filipino family whereas the Philippine Government extended the sincerest sympathy and monetary support and assistance to the survivors of the hostage-taking and reached out to their families in China.

Another Philippines-China issue is the territorial claims of both countries on the islands at the West Philippine Sea; the Scarborough Shoal and some of the Spratly Islands which both are approximately within the Philippine exclusive economic zone. These islands were both known to have very rich natural resources; natural gas, minerals, and fishes.

What I know as a layman is only the tip of the iceberg; I see it safe to say that these arguments were drawn from more deep-seated issues that which I do not know more of and I am as much as disinterested to know.  But judging to where things are going- I say everybody is going down south; a lose-lose situation.

I take part in the chaos as a 101% Filipino living in the island of Mindanao, grew up with deep-rooted love for country and countrymen. But I think that whether being a Chinese or a Filipino does not define our real persons. We are all human beings sharing one world, divided only by the cultures, beliefs, ideology, color, so on and so forth. But have we realized that we are all the same human beings with the capital P – Pride?

On the tragic death of Hong Kong nationals while on tour here in the Philippines in 2010, we Filipinos were always sorry for them then and now. Nobody wanted it to happen. I would also like to believe that some Chinese had also felt sorry, may not even be particularly for the Filipino who got killed, but the lose of life itself. Our true defining moment as human beings who can think, feel, and reason is our capability to overcome indifference in the midst of differences.

Our government may not have issued a formal apology but that does not represent us all and does not mean that we could not care less. Please believe that we empathize with all the the families on their loss.

On the complicated claims of territories, we all should be ashamed. Human beings were empowered to rule over all things on Earth, not own them particularly. There is definitely no Registration of Land Titles in heaven; so what are we all fighting for? We are all greedy. We are fighting the Game of Thrones. We just don’t realize that the more we succumb to our greed, the more we lose ourselves and end up taking sides and creating allies and fight one another; kill one another even. We are blinded of the thought that we are fighting for something that is rightfully ours when in truth, nothing is really ours. Nobody owns Earth and all of these except the Creator.

This war on territorial claims has long been existent even before man can write history; it is an animal instinct that human beings never outgrew. It’s just a shame how science can explain physical human evolution but never the evolution of morals; the same hatred Cain had for Abel.

I am naive on a lot of things and may be criticized of how simply I take these serious international issues, but I’d like to add that at the end of the day, we all are just pilgrims here on earth; we are all travelers bound for God’s promise. Nobody is indispensable, nobody is immortal. Our lifespan is getting shorter by seconds. Let me reiterate- by seconds. Would it be wonderful if the legacy we left for people to remember us is how made other people’s lives better?

We can’t change the past, but we can pave way for a new future. Let the belief that past can and will repeat itself be buried; it was, in the first place, never repeated because it was only handed down to generations after generations to still claim territories. The hatred that was generated became the excuse to add insult to any injuries; in this case the Hong Kong nationals and the Filipino tourist who died. There was always the excuse to never say sorry; exacerbating the wounded pride.

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. – A. E Wiggins, Ender’s Game

I just took a moment to contemplate after watching the movie “Ender’s Game”. It was about a young boy genius that led a battle for the total destruction of the Earth’s supposed alien enemies-the Formics, and later realized that the enemy was not an enemy at all. The end part was a very good turning point  where the young commander went out of his way to help the Formics rebuild a new colony.

I just hope we don’t end up annihilating everybody like in the movie just for the sake of fighting to achieve sovereignity over lifeless lands.

I’m all ranting and had not realized I am almost a thousand words and still way unfinished. I did not plan to write this much; but a thousand words can not suffice to paint my message across….Actually, I think it can – even in less than 10 words.



  1. runningbrook777 says:

    I am thankful you posted this. I was unaware of this issue. Yet, as a person who is American Indian descent, I am familiar with the issue. I also had the opportunity to visit Israel in 2005 as they faced difficult times in their history. I was so grieved when I saw the news casts of the very places I had visited in Gaza months earlier, now completely destroyed. I am sad to hear of the pain and unreconciled condition of the peoples of Philippines and China. Thank you for sharing.

    • wildflower says:

      It is really sad. As human beings, instead of evolving to become better persons, we let ourselves devolve embracing pride and hate..I just hope, wherever we are and whatever our races are, we can all realize and change before its too late..
      Thank you also for reading. It was really my purpose to send a message to the world that nobody is enjoying all the bad news. I was also aware of the conflict in the Gaza strip. I just hope we don’t end up like that here.
      Let us all pray and spread love 🙂

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