We spent the weekend at my mother’s home; she really loves a visit not by me particularly but my daughter. And I can perfectly understand that; I observe grandparents love the grandchildren more than they do their children at this point in their lives. 🙂 Thought I might write something about this, but for now, I’d like to sum up my 30 days of January 2014.

There is no internet in my mother’s home, so I had to wrap up my Zero to Hero challenge today in my own home. I have to say that the whole month of January was very fruitful for me; my site improved, my blog audience increased dramatically, and my confidence to write about anything shoot up. The Z2H challenge was very helpful and it really served its purpose. I really had a happy ending!

It was a happy ending and a start of a new beginning. I came to know more a lot about me and how other people see me through my writings. It took me awhile to find my place but I’m glad I did. Speaking of branding, I cannot think of a particular mark I would like my readers to identify me because my mind sways most of the time; as with my moods. Who knows I might create a travel blog or an online kitchen. 🙂 So, whatever my musings are, I just want to be identified as the blogger who writes from the heart. 🙂


I so love to hear from you! :-)

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