I think I had my most prolific writing post yesterday even without pictures; it drew a lot of attention because I think that I had a topic common to everyone. This challenge today is so timely as I would like to try to decipher how that particular post affect other people and also to tell how much their responses affected me most.

I know and I can feel that after I click the “Publish” button, readers are going to notice the headline. In the first place, who would not want to be Freshly Pressed. It immediately raised questions; some, if not all, will click more to read. My worry comes right after that click; would they continue reading to the very end or be just another passerby.

I always write with all honesty. Every writing post I publish is a challenge I put myself in; I always push myself to see how far I can go if I really wanted it. Sometimes, I hope I’m not overdoing it; can make others think that I want sympathy for my lack of English writing skills. But no, it’s not. I just want other people to see my through my undaunted effort to overcome my deficiency, if it’s a deficiency at all, and I can have other people’s opinion if I indeed improved in my writing skills. I am a “Bisayang-Dako” through and through in the last 34 years,( by the way, that is my age šŸ™‚ ) and I have never written anything in English published and posted in the worldwide web for everyone to see until November of 2013 when I started this blog. Seeing all the responses was so over-the-top overwhelming; how cool can I get, right? šŸ™‚ I think I’ve discovered for myself a gift. I might sound self-serving but I think writing spontaneously while continuously translating my thoughts in my dialect to this language and injecting humor at the same time is already too way over my head and that I could still come up with something readable. That I think is my gift.:-)Ā 

I also came to know a bigger picture of the world through meeting everyone here. And I have to say, there really are more good persons than bad persons. All the people I came across with are really nice. I think that the very purpose of the English language is to unite the world. I don’t need to be Freshly Pressed to create affection to other people and likewise.

But, the thing is….I still want to be Freshly Pressed. haha

Oh, I lost track of time. It’s already 2 A.M. here in the Philippines. So, you see? I can go on translating šŸ™‚ Gotta click “Publish” button now šŸ™‚Ā 



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