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Left side: Generation X – Me 🙂 , Right side: Generation Alpha- my daughter 🙂

My good old days were a far cry from the world my daughter was born and introduced. Back then, I only had plain wants of things and toys; playing with dolls, house, Chinese garters, “sungka“, “tumbang preso“, rainbow marbles, rubber bands and all stuffs with simple joys. Electricity was only a privilege; not a necessity, so never in my wildest of imaginations had the thought of ever laying eyes on anything “high-tech” struck me. I have a normal Philippine setting laid back life; I am said to be born a Generation X baby and I don’t even know what that meant until wikipedia. 🙂

As a child, my leisure is spent on playing with friends and communicating firsthand. Sometimes, I get bruises running on rice paddy fields and paint my face with mud when I stumble. Me and my brother would climb cotton trees and collect the seed pods; my grandmother used to make pillows from the fiber of the seed pods. We also climb manzanitas tree and compete with bees and birds to get the ripest cherry-like fruit. Getting wet and wild in the rain and chasing ducks in a muddy pond. We also used to tend to the backyard-raised goats, chicken, and rabbits of my grandfather. I grew up with a vast playground; I could just throw my cares away. My best days ever!

At age 15, I had my first encounter with a desktop computer, not mine though; I would not touch a key for fear I might damage something and I can’t afford it. Society dictates that owning that gadget makes one already an “it” person; a “can afford” – an “uptown” girl. It was already the most advanced technology I’d seen. 🙂

Came the Generation Alpha kids; tech-savvy kids. I am one guilty mom and how can I not introduce her to these gadgets when I am an outright example. It’s been a good 30 years or so for me, I could just imagine the Alpha Kids  20 years more from now, how more “high-tech” can they get.

The turnaround of the century made a massive leap in lifestyle. The internet is the biggest influence. I’m quite sad that my daughter cannot experience anymore the kind of growing up I’d been through; the learning from scratch, literally. There’s no stopping here now because she has got to go with the flow, I too. All I can do is limit her exposure. In anyway I can, I’d teach her the beauty of snail mail instead of e-mails, the long and personal talks instead of communicating through cellphones, and play under the sun with friends instead of being confined in a corner playing computer games.

There is no competition here; no Generation X versus Generation Alpha, only Generation X babies taking good care of the Generation Alpha babies’ future.


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