My lunch break at work is timed to an hour only. With a little world map in my organizer, that 1 hour everyday had me imagine where else I want to be if given three wishes by some fairy godmother or a big fat genie. Here are snapshots of my daily adventures at lunch breaks. πŸ™‚

A day inΒ Notting Hill, England – I fell in love with the place since the movie “Notting Hill“; the love story, the English humor, and the place itself. I am taking a stroll at Portobello Road Market; the fresh flowers in bloom, the quaint antiques, and some souvenirs. I was looking for Hugh Grant’s cute travel books shop. Saw that one, but since Mr. Grant is not selling fictions, I was just musing around and getting the feel like in the movie. When my feet got tired, I looked for a nice Cafe and ordered a cup of tea with cinnamon. What a lovely day!

A weekend in Arizona, USA – to get a glimpse of the majestic National Grand Canyon Park. I am always in awe when watching movies shot in the Grand Canyon. I know its not all in movies, there is so much more to see in reality. I’d like to start trailing around the Grand Canyon Village; where it is said to have good views of historic buildings and the starting point of the Bright Angel Trail. Also, I’d like to stand by the Watch Tower to get a really good view of the entire canyon and wait all day until sun the sets. Another lovely day!Β 

A holiday in Naples, Italy – I was Grade 5 in school when I first heard the name of the place; and Mt. Vesuvius. Since then, I have been wanting to experience the place that rings a bell in my head from time to time. 3 years ago, I bought an Italian Language tutorial book; which I think still boils down to my subconscious passion for Italy. There are so many attractions in the Naples that caught my attention, but it is the romantic language that I really wanted to speak; I already knew some phrases from the book I bought but I know it is far too different from the real conversation. And also, how can I not like Naples when it is where one of the world’s favorite food originally came from, Pizza! πŸ™‚

These are all from the perspective of a less traveled person, that’s me. Did I just say I only have 3 wishes earlier? Oh well, I will have 3 more next week, so even if I can’t have all the time to travel around the world, I still have my lunch break to grab the whole world in my palm!



I so love to hear from you! :-)

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