Today’s assignment: publish a post inspired by your post from Day 19

I read some of sweet sixteen posts of fellow bloggers and realized a common denominator; all became confused losers at teenage years but came out of it swaggering. Everybody were mirror images of everybody; relationship struggles, confidence issues, independence, peers and so on and so forth.

I was inspired by the thought how each one of us championed the teenage years hurdles. But I would like to quote an interesting thought – that despite the myriad realizations, like what relationship I like to have with my daughter when she grows up,  the cycle never ends still. Which leads me to ask who really is at fault when a parent and a teenager child always, always disagrees in a lot of things.

Here goes, when a teenager is misunderstood by parents, the excuse would always be due to scientific explanations; in short, blame it on the hormones. But how about the parents; is there also a scientific explanation why parents can’t understand developing teenagers? Is there some kind of a permanent counter-hormone behind a parent’s brain to not understand teenagers? Or was it the same puberty hormones in parents that did not evolve since their teenage years? I’m lost here.

Teenagers become parents too, sooner or later. But the cycle goes.


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