I have a vague memory of my 16th year (or maybe I choose not to remember at all. haha!). Well, what can say, everybody is terrible at 16. With all the hormonal changes at its peak, tantrums, peer pressure, and I-don’t-know-why-but-I-just-hate-my-mom attitude sometimes, nobody can really be good at it. But we all survived, haven’t we? 🙂

However, me being a mom now, I would like to create a beautiful relationship with my daughter when she turns 16 or at any age for that matter. I don’t expect it to be perfect but I’d like to hope that we both can understand and see the virtue of “compromising”. Experience tells me that nothing can ever be very bad a situation when the involved persons always compromise, regardless of whatever relationship the persons involved are in. 

At 16, she will have struggles; may it be in school or at home. In her struggles, I would like to be there. I want her to include me and make me her confidante. She may be misunderstood sometimes, but I would like to be the first to understand her.

At 16, she will have fun; in school and at home. I want to laugh with her and be the first one to laugh at her first crack of joke. She will have lots of friends but I want to be her best friend ever.

At 16, she will explore; in school and at home. I want to be the first one to teach her the good things. So wherever she goes, she will never break. I could just imagine putting her in my palm and teaching her how to fly like a butterfly.

At 16, she may possibly love someone. Just a possibility. When that time comes, I will just sing to her Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen” haha. Kidding aside, her – falling romantically in love? It won’t happen! (crossing fingers) 🙂

For a mother, the list goes on. It will never end. It can never end.



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