Sherlock Holmes

You’ve been kidnapped and given a choice: would you rather be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest, or locked in a strange building?

I was just trying to come up with a blog on how I was Cumberbatched after I finished watching all 3 seasons of Sherlock TV Series BBC Version, and saw the Daily Prompt yesterday. With the choices above, I wouldn’t have any problem choosing where to be a captive. Either way, I want Mr. Sherlock to solve the mystery of my kidnapping. LOL

My current interest is to finish the Storm of Swords book from where some of the stories of  Game of Thrones Season 4 was taken; had to read the book before the TV series comes out in April this year. But I was forcefully made to watch Sherlock by my sister, so I had to delay my reading. The first episode of Sherlock Season 1 had me glued until I finished watching everything.

I am not a fan of Mr. Holmes before that. I haven’t even read the classical books, but the TV series was incorporated with a tech savvy, modern day Sherlock and he was so interestingly uncanny and brainy. And was well portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, thus the coined term “Cumberbatched” haha. Well, what do they say? Brainy is the new sexy! LOL



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