I was browsing through the current headlines in our local newspaper; looking for topics I can relate with. I was trying to absorb every news my eyes could catch;  that which I can draw inspiration from and write about, but to no avail. One thing I learn today: no news is good news.

I had like 7 drafts deleted, all with the title “Current Event”; how can I write something good about a report that some parts of Mindanao were declared under the State of Calamity today by our government due to overhead flood, 7 dead of flash floods, thousands of families relocated, washed out homes, broken bridges, etc. All these adversities were just because of a Low Pressure Area; not yet a typhoon/cyclone. Davao region already had enough of the devastation that Typhoon Pablo brought in 2012 and had just recovered; but here we go again. The ghost of Typhoon Yolanda visiting the Mindanao regions.

My country’s faith tested by water.

Hoping and praying not to get tested by fire, considering that the Philippines was included in the Pacific Ring of Fire; where large number of volcanic eruptions can occur. And here in Davao City is where the tallest Volcano in the Philippines can be found; the Mt. Apo.

Daily Prompt: Current Event



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