That would be April 9, 2014. That’s the day I plan to depart for Sydney, Australia to visit my hubby. I am really looking forward for that day to come because it would be my first ever out-of-the-country trip! 🙂

But, the thing is, I have not yet booked my plane ticket and the price is raking higher each month. I was caught between booking a ticket and my new work assignment.

From my previous blog, I was so happy that I got the job that I applied for and I am only waiting for the Office Order so I can transfer to the new office. But until now, the Office Order was not yet issued. I expect it to be released next week so I can request for approval for a long vacation leave from my new boss. Everyday I pray, I am hanging on a fine thread. My hands itching to click book and pay!

If I actually buy the ticket, I can only imagine my new boss disapproving my vacation leave request. If I don’t buy the ticket now, It could be a whooping 100% more expensive in a month or 2 than it is now. So, which is which?

If only I can also foresee the outcome of each decision so I can make one now!

Daily Prompt: Fast Forward



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