The bell rang. My 7:20 P.M. class ended with the bell.

I was a College Student then at a reputable University in my place. I am usually on my own during my Tuesdays and Thursdays night classes; I shifted to a new Course so my former classmates-friends all had morning classes. I lived away from home; I rented a bed space in a 5-room house owned by a retired High School teacher. It’s just a 5-minute walk from the school’s gate. It is too near to pay for a public ride at a standard cost so I always walk home. I also get to save some from my meager student allowance. But above all else, I really love walking because its my time to think through my lessons of the day and plan my schedules for the next day.

I gathered my things and planned to drop by the school’s canteen to buy something to take home for dinner. I ended up buying chicken steamed buns and decided to eat them while I walk home.

I passed through the school’s gate and found my way through the dim lighted pedestrian pavement. One street light was blinking; the sodium lamp almost busted. I was burrowing my way through the dim pathway with the University wall on my right and the street on my left. When suddenly I saw a shadowy figure when I looked a front my right foot. I never saw anyone when I started walking the pavement, so, someone was lurking in the shadows and now walking behind me!

I slightly panicked; the next well-lighted area was still 25 meters away. Was he just another pedestrian? I can hear his footsteps with same pace as mine. I assumed the shadowy figure is a “he” so my instinct would instruct my system to use my most forceful adrenalin rush if something really bad happens.

I quickened my steps; almost like I’m in a Walkathon. He likewise quickened his; I can hear them. My heart pumping wild with fear. I slowly placed my steamed buns inside my bag and my hands groping for my ballpoint pen. I have never felt more confident in my life when I got hold of my ballpoint pen. My head is straight but my eyes were roaming, looking for the shadowy figure so I can tell how near or how far “he” is from me.

When I reached an intersection, I halted; the pedestrian sign was still a red. But seeing no vehicles on either sides of road, i ran. I ran as fast as I could, breaking all Traffic rules in the hope of saving my own precious life.

Then I heard a shout from behind, “Hey! Your shoe!”

Will I turn back or continue running and endure my painful sole?

Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger


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