a gift of balloons in the dark

I have a very archetypal working mom lifestyle. Busy, busy, busy. My movements in a day were all time bounded. I write to stop and smell the flowers. I feel happy when I write; a breath of fresh air; a gift of balloons in the dark. It made me discover a little more of myself everyday. It’s my new Facebook.

I started out clueless and with a vague purpose. My first blog was a picture of my daughter with the title “This is my joy“. Visiting it now made me realize how cool it was to start a blog; full of joy and inspiration. From there, I collected all the experiences I could get from my imaginary bank and weaved my own little posts from time to time. The moment my posts were “liked” was a turning point; it was very overwhelming.

The next thing I knew, I was writing my personal stories. I had lots and lots of them. I strongly believe that no one in the world walked through my same footprints; I am unique, thus, all the lessons I learned easy or the hard way were all worth-telling. To share them for the world to read is my joy.

I can sometimes be opinionated and emotional. Writing my blogs keep me grounded; when things get blurry sometimes, I close my eyes, shake my hands, and write my views. It gives me freedom; an avenue of my self-expression.

Sometimes I feel patriotic; I always am. My country experienced the worst environmental devastation last year. Seeing the world unite was always a sight to behold; an acknowledgement of a border-less world. The help the Philippines got from countries around the world was enormous and well-received with a grateful heart. One more reason for me to be passionately writing about my country is my attachment to my birthplace, Davao

To this day, it is very heartwarming for me to have come a long way from my first blog. I am very pleased with the attention that my little blog was drawing. I have proven that even the littlest of voices can still be heard.

I started blogging with no definite reason, but I was inspired by a lot of the bloggers I followed; I hope I can inspire, at least, “one” someone out there, too.

Special thanks to WordPress.


I so love to hear from you! :-)

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