“Why would anyone care to read my post?”

My difficulty starts in that very question. I have a lot of qualms and confidence issues with regards to writing posts. But I cannot set aside my need to write. It’s like a dawning of a new day refusing to quit. Inevitable. Having been born and raised in a place which is a melting pot of multiple cultures, I can say that I am neither too sophisticated nor too naive; I have the best of both worlds. So much so that the need to share my thoughts and stories in my own simple English is so liberating. It just took me a really long while to gather my thoughts and realize the only thing I can do about my ideas is to put them in writing, with no intention to pin interest on anyone at all.

I love to read books. As young as 10 years old, I finished reading the first 60 books of “Nancy Drew Mystery Stories” by Carolyn KeeneI even dream of being a detective like Nancy Drew. She was my childhood idol.

I also love arts and crafts. I started making cross stitched designs when I was in High School. Aside from reading books, I burn my free time stitching fairies and angels and little children. Some of my finished projects were displayed as wall decorations in my home. Here are photos of them. I have 4 more designs that were not yet framed and one still unfinished. Making them was so considerably laborious, notwithstanding the back pains and sore eyes. But they are all really worth it. Just seeing them everyday in all corners of my house makes me feel so accomplished.

:SAM_0073    SAM_0072    SAM_0074

I am also a frustrated pastry chef. I want to learn how to bake, but I just don’t have the luxury of time. Last Christmas, I indulged myself in a self-explanatory book on how to bake and came up with my first ever Sans Rival Cake. It looked messy (haha). I did not took the recipe seriously; substituting some ingredients when I can’t find them in our local stores. Nonetheless, it was well received and appreciated by my “customers”; my family ( I heed them not to complain, or else 😉 )


I am a lot of things; above are just some of me 🙂 You will know more of me if you care to read my posts 🙂


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