broken homes, broken things

Curse has a very long history. I have heard so many stories how “curse” can inflict broken things and miserable lives passed on from one generation to another. Notwithstanding its spiritual and psychological explanations, I would like to share my personal insights on the modern day “Generational Curse” of broken families in particular.

I would like to discriminate the effect of “curse” and “personal choice” on one dysfunctional family I knew. Well, dysfunctional in a way that the parents separated and found new partners and the children inherited the same plight same as their fore families before them. What bothered me is that nobody in the family even minds to talk sense and uphold what is right and correct what is wrong anymore. Everybody were already used to broken families and bearing children out of wedlock. They have already gotten numb and unconscious of the examples they had set for their children; introducing their new partners to one another and to the children without a hint of guilt. Fueling the vicious cycle of broken hearts and things.

Might be that it is the inherited unbroken generational curse presenting itself in the unending cycle of their broken families. Might be that their curse is to never find a lasting relationship. But, how effective is a curse if it can’t inflict pain anymore? From my personal point of view, the members of that particular family were not sad; they are the same happy persons who don’t looked problematic at all. They had accepted each one and had moved on with their own lives and had not gotten tired of finding happiness despite the failed marriages.

I would also like to point out our power to make personal choices. Given the circumstance of the dysfunctional family above, I believe it is still a big role that each member of the family got to choose for themselves their own path. Might be that everything is coincidental; that everything that had happened was based on each other’s collective decisions and was concluded as a whole to be their family’s “curse” by their viewers like me. They chose to take the risk to love someone, but got hurt in the end and separated. I don’t think its right to take that against them, to say they were cursed at the very least.

We are the guardians of our own decisions, so to speak. And it is our every right as free men and women to want what we want and need what we need whatever the consequence. The only thing with making decision is the influence of things that surround us that we see as a norm. In my example family, they tend to attract similar deciding factors because of what they usually see in their relational environment;  thus, the same end game, the same “cursed” fate. I think the fault lies in the bad decisions; the not learning from mistakes and not making super extra effort to rise above and beyond their usual expected failures we call “curse”.

At some point in our lives, we are all dysfunctional; hypothetically, we are all cursed. We are entitled to our own opinions and we love to comment on other people’s lives just so we could boost our morale from our own mishaps. The moment we brand someone as cursed makes us cursed ourselves. What we say about other people is a reflection of our own personality. Who are we to judge and say they are cursed?

By the definition of “curse”- any expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall another person; it is not something that just popped out from nowhere, but it is something man-made and it would seem to me that a “curse” is usually made out of vengeance or retaliation. It is already as bad as it sounds, so is the originator and the people who believed so themselves.

But, whether a curse is true or not, I am entitled to my own opinion. So, spare me the spat. I would still like to believe that we are of our own making. We make our decisions, therefore, we are in control. So, are we all cursed? I say, not at all.


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