This is my daughter Faith having fun under one of the creations of Davao City’s own World-renowned Sculpture artist Kublai Millan. This is a larger than life depiction of real life happy people from the different tribes here in Davao City. This was taken yesterday when we traveled north to visit my mother in Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

These sculptures can be seen around Davao City and nearby provinces.This particular  (more or less) 20-feet creation marked the boundary of Davao City and Davao del Norte. One can also be seen at Davao City-Bukidnon road and one at Davao City-Davao del Sur road.

Kublai Millan is the only non-Italian artist whose creation was featured during the Christmas Nativity displays last December 2010 at St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican City. The former Pope Benedict XVI was really captivated by his works. The subjects of his sculptures were always the faces of ethnic peoples and trademarks of Mindanao. Will post more of his creations when I visit them.

The picture below is the whole presentation of the sculpture. Beside the happy people is the “waling-waling” flower orchids in full bloom. The waling-waling is one of most beautiful orchids in the world. As the “Queen of Flowers”, it was recently declared the Philippines’ National Flower and can only be found in the Island of Mindanao, particularly here in Davao City.

Kublai Millan's art at Davao City-Davao del Norte boundary


Weekly Photo Challenge: One | My daughter is the one



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