a not so gore picture of my sore tomgue

a not so gore picture of my sore tongue

This last few days I was suffering from a canker sore on my tongue. I bit my tongue and it apparently turned into a canker sore. It was so painful especially every time I eat. The last few days of suffering turned out into something I can be thankful for:

First, my eating portions reduced. This, actually, is a medical advise I was given 2 weeks ago by our company doctor. Very difficult to follow. Accordingly, my Body Mass Index is unfortunately nearing the overweight range. I had to thank my canker sore that I was eating less. 🙂

Second, I had time to reflect. It is so painful to even speak because my sore tongue would brush against my teeth every time my mouth moves. So, I was so silent this whole time. I used to be very open and opinionated and so love telling my tales for the day. But this time, my silence surprised everybody in the house. I can now see things I have not seen even in my own home, some trivial, some really important. I learned to appreciate silence and reflect on things. 🙂

Third, I learned what vitamins and minerals my body lacked. It is not until I am suffering from this plight that I researched preventive measures and became really conscious about foods I eat. I learned that my mouth should have a balanced Ph and acidic foods should be taken in moderation. I have also discovered painful remedies that can be done at home from my researches and from family and friends who have successfully tried their own remedy. 🙂

Fourth, from my third lesson, I literally championed the saying “No pain, no gain”. I tried some of the home remedies and they were very very painful. Would you believe I tried putting some sea salt directly on my sore. I just closed my eyes and let my tears fell. The pain is unimaginable, but I let the pain take its course because I did a personal choice to be healed. 🙂

Lastly, apart from the second lesson I learned, I also knew how it felt to be a “person with disablity”. I now felt the things experienced by a mute person. That moment when you really want to say something and you cannot say it is just so frustrating. The strength to accept the disability by a mute person is just admirable. Having experienced it temporarily made me think and made me very thankful and appreciative that God had made me able to speak. 🙂

I, therefore, thank my very painful and weight reducing canker sore.



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