I want to avoid the Christmas rush so I decided to ran into bazaars and find gifts for my godchildren. I woke up early yesterday and went to this part of my city famous for their really great buys.

I hustled to enter one of the shops only to find out there were still few people around. I see one Chinese-speaking couple with broken English, desperately trying to negotiate a more lower price for a sleepwear. The saleslady was even more desperately trying to understand the rambling speech of the Chinese woman. They sounded they were in for a fight. Language barrier, that is. The negotiation ended up with the Chinese woman with a despondent face deciding not to buy the sleepwear and the saleslady with the look of fear of being caught by the store owner for not satisfying a customer. I could just laugh at their frustration.

From another corner was a woman fitting pairs of pants. My guess is she had been there for quite a long time already because beside her are piles and piles of pants. She looked like a princess trying on everything her eyes could see and with the saleslady giving her all the pants at her disposal. With all she fitted, I can see she had not decided what to buy just yet. She is one happy “not yet buying” shopper and the saleslady already looked irritated and annoyed. I could just see an imaginary post on the saleslady’s forehead “The Customer is always Right”. So much for the universal business motto.

I would really want to snap shots of them with my phone. Their facial expressions would really look funny.

I already bought little somethings in my bag and decided to leave the store. I walked past the cashier and turned around to look what the interesting customers were up to at that moment. The Chinese couple in another corner still in fighting mode and the undecided lady in the pants section still fitting pairs of pants. What a scene.



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