Names have untold stories. One of which is my daughter’s. I look at her and I see the hundreds of years the world have waited to see her. All stories woven to create the loveliest in my eyes on the day she was born. And I called her “Faith”.

My life’s journey for the most part of it was really interesting, like everyone else’s. When I was just around three months old, I contracted an intestinal illness that almost had me. So young as I am, I don’t know how near-death felt. All I heard were stories from my mother. She said that the whole family almost gave up on me, except her. I had the worst condition she’d seen, with needle prints all over my frail body and my head from injections and intravenous fluids to keep me alive. My parents had to transfer me from one hospital to another in the hope of finding remedy from second, third, and so forth opinions from other doctors. Came the last one, who only had a clinic. My mother told me the story of that very day they brought me to this doctor. After a few hours of my confinement, I responded to the medications. The doctor declared that I would be all right and even named me “Miracle Baby”. That was my first encounter of Faith, imprinted in my subconscious.

Then there’s this one time when I was only five years old. I was bumped by a light vehicle. The driver was drunk. I was rushed to the hospital, blood all over my head and face. My mother thought my eyes were taken out during the impact. It was, again, a near-death experience. But I was not conscious about it. As far as I can remember, all I thought of was the blood and the pain. I had a two inches stitch in my forehead. My whole body was checked for any injuries and contusions but they found only that and nothing else. How lucky could I get, right?

When I was with child, everyday I thank the Lord for the gift and privilege of Motherhood. I had prayed hard for a safe delivery. Came the day when I labored for almost seventy two hours, I felt the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. When my baby was out and I saw her for the first time, I saw Love. She was Love in person. All I’ve been through was so worth it when I had my baby. Now I understand the strength of a woman, more so the strength of a mother. And more clearly, I can say that my strength was drawn from my Faith.

Looking back now, all my experiences and all the person that I have become is not by chance. God had been very generous to give me the gift of Faith from the beginning and all throughout my life. My life is just a speck in His eyes, but God always has his way of making me feel uniquely special. Everyday I wake up is a miracle of faith, and I don’t have the faintest idea what will surprise me the next day.

When my daughter reaches the age of wisdom, I would so love to tell her the story of her name.

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