My daughter’s birthday is fast approaching. As much as I want to give her a lavish party, I tightened on my spending and I intend to donate the same to help my countrymen who were victims of the super typhoon haiyan. I am just as happy to have been spared and sad because while I am sitting comfortably and eating my heart out whatever I want on this side of my country, my fellow Filipinos in Leyte suffered a massive, total devastation, with almost nothing to eat and nothing to sleep on.

I have watched the events from day zero. I have taken heed all the advisories and updates flashed on television days before Super Typhoon Haiyan entered the eastern seaboard of the Philippines, as anytime and at any place, it may divert on its supposed areas for landfall. The region where I live was given the signal number 1. I cannot take that for granted because a year back, we were also hit by a super typhoon. We’ve just started to pick up the pieces.

Watching the news in the last ten days, all I see was pain and suffering. But all the same, happy to have seen people from different walks of life from different countries unite to extend help. The help that poured in was overwhelming. The worst of times really bring out all the goodness in people.

While super typhoon Haiyan was recorded as the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the world history, it was equally put up by the strongest of undaunted Filipino spirit. I want to be proud. I want to tell the world how resilient we have become, but my heart grieves for all the lives lost just to prove that we can still smile, stand up and brush our shoulder amidst the worst, worst loss.



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