The saying that goes “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” really worked for me in the last eight years and counting. I had a very unconventional long distance relationship that lasted five long years. Our fifth year ended with marriage vows. We are on our third year of married life now and going strong, but still away from each other.

What made up those eight roller coaster ride years was not easy as difficult. He was working abroad. Thinking of all those years right now, I don’t know how we made it possible to still be counting those years together until now. Every single day, we struggle to fight for our relationship. I can now say that I already mastered the art of patience, trust, and honesty. These three little words added together would mean love.

Proximity was always the issue. As with a normal couple, we also had misundersandings and quarrels, and we deal with it every single time. But unlike couples who can talk things over a cup of coffee, we talk over mobile phones and the internet. It was costly and frustrating.

When we started “dating”, I was used to receiving text messages and emails from him every single day and it really upsets me if I don’t receive one. I lived my life thinking that on the other side of the world, somebody special is thinking of me. The anonymity of that one person, but you talk to him on a very personal level, telling all your hopes and dreams and family life, made it exciting to hope for a fairy tale love story ending.

After one long year, came the day of reckoning. The first time we met was unexplainable. All the drama faded and I welcome reality. The real love story has just begun. This is the moment when I fully assessed my feelings, if it was real or just passion or was is it really love. I decided to call it love. It was a difficult decision because after that first meeting, I know he would still leave me for God only knows how many years again.

After five long years, we decided to settle down. It became easy and I have learned to live with it. I am just so happy that we were blessed with a very wonderful daughter. She completed our whole lives and she is a living testimony that long distance relationships really work. Absence really makes the heart grow fonder, and distance is what makes the longing.

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